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Record-breaking free diver explains the thrill of exploring ocean depths

15th September 2020, Kalamata (Greece)




New World Record Holder 2020 -112m CWTB

World Record 2019 -108m CWTB

Silver Medal at World Championships 2018 CWTB

Bronze Medal at World Championships 2019 CWT

Gold Medal at French National Championships 2019 CWTB

Gold Medal at French National Championships 2017 CWTB

Bronze Medal at European Championships 2017 CWTB

Silver Medal at Nice Abyss Contest 2019 CWT

Silver Medal at Nice Abyss Contest 2017 CWT

5 x National Records CWTB (-83m, -92m, -102m, -108m, -112m)

Au large de Tahiti avec les dauphins du

"There are more people who have gone into space than people
who have dived 100 meters in a single breath."

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Born in Marseille in 1996, his father introduced him to freediving at a young age. Due to his dyslexia, school was a difficult journey for him. At the age of 16, he attended his first freediving course, and reached a depth of 30 me-

ters. It was already a great performance at this age !

Down there, at the bottom, he opened his eyes. Finally, he found himself. He found a place where he felt safe, a place he could call home. From that day, he felt like he could start breathing again. Freediving is his calling.

In 2017, after completing his studies, he started attending competitions. Very quickly, he started setting new records. He reached 100 meters at 21 years old, becoming the youngest free diver in history to achieve this depth. It is quite incredible to think that there are more people who have made the trip to the Moon than people who dived more than 100 meters in a single breath.

In 2019, he became a World Record holder with a dive to 108m and in 2020, at the age of 24 in Kalamata, Greece, he set a new World Record to -112m.


The Art of Freediving

Combine athletic, aesthetic and artistic performance underwater



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